Ireland – List of cities and towns in counties (CSV, SQL, JSON).

A large dataset / list of the cities, towns and villages in Ireland – grouped by county, province, region and country. Over 2000 placenames are recorded, categorised and geocoded. Zip file contains data in multiple formats: CSV / Excel, SQL, PHP array and JSON format.

Example SQL:

Cities, towns and villages in Ireland.

A screenshot of the MySQL table containing Irish counties, cities, towns and villages.

The type of data that this ZIP file download contains:

  • Place name (city, town, village or hamlet).
  • Whether or not it is a county town (i.e. an administrative town).
  • County.
  • Region (South East, North, Midlands, West, etc).
  • Province (Ulster, Leinster, Munster, Connacht).
  • Country (Ireland, Northern Ireland).
  • Latitude and Longitude (GPS).
  • Google Place ID.
  • Car registration code (Ireland only).

Note that all place names have been geocoded using Google’s Geocoder API and that results (lat/long) may vary, depending on how obscure the location is (and how accurate Google’s Geocoder is).

Example SQL Queries.

Example SQL queries that might come in handy.

Counties and provinces.

Selecting a list of the counties in Ireland (along with the province).

Towns in County Wexford.

For example: Let’s say that you want a list of all place names in County Wexford:

If you run the query above, you will get back towns such as Wexford, Gorey, Enniscorthy and New Ross; as well as smaller villages such as Adamstown, Kilmore and Oylegate.

Administrative / County Towns.

Getting a list of all administrative / county towns (i.e. towns where the local government is based).

Irish Vehicle Registration Numbers

Getting a list of the county codes that are used in Irish vehicle registration numbers.


Irish car registration codes.

CSV example:

A small example of the format that is present in the locations CSV file: