Download: Locations of Petrol Stations in Ireland (SQL, CSV, XML).

A download containing the locations of over 1,600 petrol stations in Ireland. This download comes in the form of a ZIP file, which contains the data in multiple formats:

  • SQL (MySQL import file).
  • CSV (this will also open in Excel).
  • XML (automatically generated by PHPMyAdmin).

What you will be getting:

  • Name of the petrol station (will default to “NA” if no name was found).
  • Brand type of the petrol station (will default to “NA” if no brand / type was found).
  • Lat / Lng values (GPS co-ordinates).

Please note that petrol station names and brand names tend to change a lot. i.e. Don’t rely on them, as they may be out-of-date.

Screenshot of the MySQL table:

Petrol Stations Ireland

Example CSV data:

Example SQL: Finding TOP stations.

An SQL statement that selects the locations of TOP petrol stations in Ireland:

This type of data might prove to be handy for map applications, websites or APIs.