SQL / CSV: Common names & surnames.

A data collection of nearly 6,000 common names (given names) and surnames that you can download – all of which have been categorized by gender, type and country. The data in this ZIP file is represented in the following formats: SQL, CSV, JSON and XML.

An example screenshot of the data in MySQL (phpMyAdmin):

Common Names

As you can see, there are four important columns:

  • Name – This can be made up of forenames or surnames.
  • Country – The country that this name is popular in.
  • Gender – Male, Female or Surname (i.e. Both).
  • Type – Whether it is a given name / surname.

An example snippet of the CSV file. In this case, it’s a list of common forenames in the United States:

Names from the following countries are included in the download:

  • United States (1.5K names)
  • United Kingdom (640 names)
  • Australia (220 names)
  • Canada (224 names)
  • France (939 names)
  • India (98 names)
  • Ireland (300 names)
  • New Zealand (230 names)
  • Norway (300 names)
  • Poland (377 names)
  • Spain (296 names)
  • Sweden (300 names)
  • The Netherlands (282)
  • Turkey (139 names)

Especially useful for random name generation! Example: You can generate a random Dutch name such as “Lars Van Leeuwen” or a random American name such as “Mason Brown”. You can also mix and match if you are aiming for a multicultural mix!