Pokemon Go T-Shirt

A funny Pokemon Go T-Shirt that gives onlookers a heads-up:

Pokemon Go T-Shirt

A Pokemon Go T-Shirt that reads: “Ignore me! I’m just searching for Pokemon!”


Incase you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days: Pokemon Go is a new smartphone game that encourages players to walk around in the outside world in order to find Pokemon. In many cases, players end up aimlessly walking through parks and other public places searching for Pokemon to do battle with. This, of course, has left many onlookers amused and bewildered – especially those who have no idea what Pokemon Go actually is.

In one case, a man took to the Internet to tell a funny story about how scores of men were randomly entering his apartment complex. The man, who had no idea the game existed, spoke about how these men would enter his apartment complex, while glued to their phones, before aimlessly standing around and then leaving again.

Hopefully, this particular t-shirt will provide onlookers with an explanation of sorts.

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