/r/ireland – “Careful Now”

/r/Ireland is a section on Reddit.com that is devoted to Father Ted memes, left-wing talking points, forced Irishisms and Sinn Fein propaganda. When the users of /r/Ireland are not posting links to articles about Bobby Sands, they’re ranting on about the establishment or making puns about the Irish language.

Ireland Subreddit

The hilarious intro to the r/Ireland subreddit. Aren’t they a mad bunch of eejits altogether!

Much like the comment sections of The Journal, discussion about politics consists entirely of populist sound bites and trite remarks about how electing a left-wing government is the only way to save the country from the likes of Fine Gael, the bankers, the EU, Troika, Irish Water, JOE.ie and Denis O’Brien. Truly – the only thing that can turn this ship around is the implementation of an economic system that is based on the Nordic model of social democracy. That, or all-out socialism.

Take your pick.

How to get upvotes on /r/Ireland.

A simple guide on how to maximise your karma on /r/Ireland:

  • Sprinkle your comments with Father Ted quotes such as: “The Chinese. A great bunch of lads!” and “Careful now!”
  • I’m tellin’ ye lads – the best way to get the auld upvotes is to use as many Irishisms and slang phrases as you possibly can. Shure y’know yourself, like.
  • If you’re going to tell others what political party you support – make sure that it’s either the Social Democrats or Sinn Fein. Independents are OK too, but if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck, then you will need to display your support for a united socialist republic that is built on the ideals of the leaders of the 1916 Rising.
  • Mock unionists and loyalists by ironically using the word “flegs”.
  • Post links to Waterford Whispers articles.
  • Display copious amounts of faux outrage whenever a member of the British media mistakenly refers to an Irish celebrity as “British”.
  • Use terms such as “Liebour”, “quango“, “jobs for the lads”, “he fixed the road” and “iJoan”.
  • Complain about how Denis O’Brien stole your Barry’s tea and deleted your Minecraft save.
  • Complain about your hangover in the Sunday “well – how are ye all gettin’ on today lads” thread (you can one-up the others by posting this weekly Sunday thread at 12:01AM).
  • Tell everyone how you’d like to see a government that is comprised of Stephen Donnelly, Gerry Adams and Conor McGregor.
  • Complain about how JOE.ie, Facebook or The Daily Edge stole the content that you just re-posted for the fifth time this year.
  • Repeatedly state your dissatisfaction at the fact that Irish schools are run by the Catholic Church.
  • Bravely voice your opinion that cannabis should be legalised.
  • If you see another poster voicing an opinion that could be considered right-wing or centre-right, you should immediately call them a troll and demand that they be banned from the subreddit.
  • Make up conspiracy theories about Fine Gael campaigners attacking the subreddit.
  • Use plenty of “up the ra” jokes.
  • Post screenshots of the Rubber Bandits Facebook account.
  • Post screenshots of Gerry Adam’s Twitter statuses. Sure isn’t he mad gas altogether.