Should Treyarch’s 2015 game be World At War 2 or Black Ops 3?

Should Treyarch continue on with their Black Ops series in 2015 or should they bring us all back to the trenches of World War Two?

“Future apathy.”

Lets face it. Gamers are getting pretty tired of Call of Duty games that are set in the future. So much in fact that a lot of them are now yearning for a title that returns to the past – to a time when exo-suits and hi-tech gadgets were just figments of our imagination. Over the past year or so, there have been repeated calls from the COD community for Treyarch to revamp their World at War series. In a way, I think that what they are are really wanting is a COD game that return to its roots, with simpler options, less killstreaks and a larger focus on core gameplay.
The problem with customization is that it can introduce game-breaking features. Simply put: More options = higher complexity = more difficult to balance.

Will Black Ops 3 be set in the future?

A lot of people seem to be making the assumption that a Black Ops 3 game will be set in the future. Although that this could be the case, it doesn’t HAVE to be. Remember: The timeline in a series does not HAVE to be linear. In fact, prequels are extremely common. The original Black Ops game was set in the 1960s, during the Cold War. However, parts of the story arc of that game stretched back to World War 2. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise if Treyarch decide to create a prequel / back-story that is set during World War 2.


You have to realise that COD is a business and that Activision might not care about the wishes of die-hard fans. In the past, I have noticed a HUGE gulf in opinion between people who play the game on a daily basis and people who play “every now and again”. So, while die-hard Call of Duty fans may puke at the thought of another futuristic game, casual gamers might not care as much. If you were to ask me what game Treyarch will make in 2015, my less-than-satisfactory answer would be “Whatever game is likely to sell the most.” i.e. When Activision and Treyarch were researching sales figures and market trends, what was their conclusion? Do hi-tech gadgets, fancy LCD displays and shiny metallic suits sell more than WW2? Do character customization features appeal to younger audiences? Do younger audiences even care about the World at War timeline? Have the people who played World at War outgrown the series?

“Milking it.”

Treyarch may attempt to kill off the Black Ops series, simply because COD has picked up a bit of a bad reputation for milking series releases. The Modern Warfare series spanned three titles, forcing Infinity Ward to “switch it up” with Call of Duty Ghosts (which many consider to be a Modern Warfare game in all but its name). Bear in mind that this could mean that Treyarch’s 2015 game could be a completely new title altogether. Instead of going back to WaW or Black Ops, Treyarch may opt to wipe the slate clean and start again. As we all know – That isn’t necessarily a good or a bad thing – Games should be judged on their gameplay, not their brand name.

What would you like to see in 2015?