3D Chess: The Trump Cult

For some people, President Trump is the end all and be all. He is the savior that they have all been waiting for and he can do no wrong. Any news company that publishes anything negative about him is fake news. His mistakes? Well, they’re just genius 3D chess moves that us mere mortals are not smart enough to comprehend.

Welcome to the cult of personality of Donald J. Trump, the 45th president of the United States of America.

On social news aggregation websites such as Reddit, you will find thousands of loyal Trump followers furiously pushing out pro-administration propaganda on subreddits such as /r/the_donald and /r/conspiracy. Whenever a news article paints the former reality TV star in a negative light, these supporters will cry “fake news” before carrying out the required mental gymnastics to absolve the president of his mistakes and double standards.

Let’s take a look at some examples.

A Trump supporter tries to convince Reddit’s conspiracy subreddit that the president’s “covfefe” typo on Twitter was a chess play.


Here, a user tells /r/conspiracy that the cult of personality surrounding Trump will be worth it in the end if it leads to CNN being taken down:

Trump Cult

Despite the Trump administration’s crackdown on marijuana, one user floats the idea that it could be a 4D chess move in favor of marijuana legalization:

4D Chess Trump

In the comment section of the above post, one user “guesses” what Trump’s views on marijuana are:

He literally just imagined what he wants Trump’s view on marijuana to be.

A lot of conspiracy theorists dislike Trump because of his supportive stance towards the state of Israel. This means that a number of the president’s most die hard supporters have to do extreme mental gymnastics in order to defend him on the issue. In this post, a user thinks that Trump’s support of Jerusalem being made the capital is some sort of 4D chess move to direct further criticism towards Israel:

After Steve Bannon was fired by the Whitehouse, this user floated the theory that it was another chess move by the president and that Bannon was in on. Basically, it was a strategic move so that Bannon could go back and work for Breitbart and spill any state secrets that the pair had uncovered together. A few months later, this theory was disproved, as Trump publicly blasted “sloppy Bannon” and Bannon was fired from Beitbart:

It goes on and on and on. These people have convinced themselves that Trump is the president that will take on the powers that be and free the American people from some sort of globalist conspiracy. Whenever he carries out an action that contradicts this viewpoint, they are unable process the thought that Trump may have been just another presidential candidate that tapped into people’s unhappiness and told them exactly what they wanted to hear.