How to avoid the spikes in Resident Evil Village.

This is a guide on how to avoid Heisenberg’s spikes in Resident Evil Village.

At the start of the game, Lord Karl Heisenberg captures you using scrap metal and brings you to Mother Miranda.

During the meeting at Castle Dimitrescu, Miranda gives Heisenberg the right to kill you. Much to the annoyance of Lady Dimitrescu, who wants you all to herself.

Heisenberg then proceeds to put on a show for everyone by forcing you to run through the underground mines. All while the lycan mutants chase after you.

resident evil village

Ignore the lycans and continue running past the locked gates.

As you are running for your life, you will come across a section that you can jump down into.

This area has two boxes on either side. However, you will be unable to break these boxes open because Ethan currently has handcuffs on.

Avoid the spikes by hiding in the cavity in the bottom left.

As soon as you jump down, a large grinder will appear. The spikes will start to rotate and come towards you.

At this stage, you will need to act fast and move to the bottom left.

avoid spikes on Resident Evil Village

In this section, rotating spikes will appear as soon as you jump down. However, in the bottom left, you will find a small section where you can duck down and hide in.

If you follow the red arrow in the screenshot above, you will find a small area that you can duck down and hide in.

Unfortunately, this area is pretty dark, so it can be difficult to spot. However, if you duck down and move towards the section in the bottom left, you will eventually find it.

Once you are inside the cavity, the spikes will be unable to reach you. Furthermore, Ethan will actually use the spikes to break his handcuffs.

The spikes will break Ethan’s handcuffs.

Once the grinder stops rotating, Ethan will crawl out from underneath it and break free.

At this stage, Heisenberg and the rest of the lords all presume that Ethan is dead. We know this because Heisenberg elatedly shouts out that “there’s nothing like fresh American ground beef.”

As a result, the “show” will be over and Ethan will be free to continue on with his mission of finding Rose.