How to call Ireland from the USA.

This is a short guide on how to call an Irish phone number from the United States.

I wrote this tutorial because it once took me 20 minutes to setup a scheduled phone call with a colleague in America.

In the end, we spent more time exchanging emails than actually talking.

It was frustrating, to say the least.

Calling an Irish number from the United States.

For example, if an Irish person tells you that their phone number is 087??????, then you should call the following number:

011 353 87 ??????

This number can be explained by breaking it down into the following parts:

  • The USA exit code, which is 011. This exit code tells your network provider that you want to call a phone number that is outside North America.
  • 353, which is the country code for Ireland.
  • 87, which is an Irish mobile prefix (more on that further down).
  • ?????? refers to the rest of their phone number.

Another example is 053912????, which is a landline number.

If we wanted to call the above number from the United States, we would enter it like so:

011 353 53 912 ????

Broken down, this means:

  • 011: The exit code.
  • 353: The country code.
  • 53912: The area code, which refers to the geographical location of the phone number.
  • ????: The unique part of their number.

As you can see, we removed the 0 from both 087 and 053.

08? numbers in Ireland.

08? phone numbers in Ireland are reserved for mobile networks.

If an Irish person gives you a phone number that starts with an 08, then it means that they have given you their cell phone number.

At the time of writing, there are three main cellphone networks in Ireland:

  • Three Ireland: Numbers for Three Ireland start with 083 or 086.
  • Eir mobile: Eir, which was once called Meteor, starts with an 085.
  • Vodafone numbers begin with an 087.

Occasionally, you might also come across 089 numbers.

An 089 number will belong to either Tesco Mobile, Lycamobile or Virgin Mobile. However, it is worth noting that all of these “networks” are actually just piggybacking on top of Three Ireland’s network.

Area codes in Ireland.

If the phone number does not start with an 08, then it is probably a landline phone number. In this case, the number at the start will be an area code.

For example, the phone number for Dublin Zoo is +353 (0)1 4748900. The 01 that I highlighted in red represents the area code for Dublin.

Another example would be +353 (021) 4276891, which is the phone number for Cork County Council. In this case, the 021 refers to Cork.

Note that in both of these cases, you should remove the 0 from the start of the area code. This means that in order to call +353 (0)1 4748900 from the USA, you will have to enter the following:

Calling Ireland from the USA

An example of an Irish phone number broken down into its various parts, with the USA exit code at the start.

As you can see, we removed the 0 from the (0)1 part of the number.