Earthquake / tremor in Wexford, Ireland

About an hour ago, I heard a low rumbling noise that seemed to resonate throughout the entire house. At first, I thought that it was thunder or some sort of loud truck. However, after logging onto Facebook, I could see that a number of other people throughout Wexford Town and Rosslare Harbour were reporting that they had also heard the noise and that it felt as though the earth beneath them was shaking / vibrating. Here’s a seismogram reading from a Welsh station in Pembroke, which seems to confirm everyone’s suspicions (although initial readings from the Irish National Seismic Network have been inconclusive):


Notice the red blip at about 9PM.

People on Twitter were also quick to report on the natural disaster:

It was even felt in Enniscorthy, which is further north:

And my personal favourite:

What efforts will you be taking to help rebuild the county?

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