Ged Nash – Labour’s Broken Record

A funny spoof attack advert directed at Labour TD Ged Nash  (well, I’m guessing that it’s a spoof). The flyer in question:

ged nash funny

According to the spoof Sinn Fein flyer, Ged Nash:

  • Voted to evict a family of hardworking cats from Moneymore.
  • Voted to target the elderly by taxing bingo winnings.
  • Voted for the 1922 Treaty that partitioned the island of Ireland.
  • Voted to target the disabled by upping the price of wheelchairs.
  • Supported Dundalk F.C. when they played in Europe despite saying he is a Drogheda United supporter.
  • Supported a Fine Gael decision to remove all beds from the Lourdes hospital and replace them with trollies from Eurospar and SuperValu.
  • Is against local business. By shaving his own head he blatantly refuses to support local barbers.
  • Refused to buy a copy of An Phoblacht that was in honour of Booby Sands (sic) and the hunger strikers.

Sounds like this Ged Nash fella is a terrible guy altogether!

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