Just Irish Things

A collection of #JustIrishThings

Having a fear of wooden spoons

Every Irish person in Ireland is born with an innate fear of wooden spoons.

flat 7UP cures sickness

Flat 7UP can cure a number of different ailments. If the Ebola virus manages to reach Ireland, it wont stand a chance against your mammy’s medicine.

shifting a girl

Getting the shift is a favourite Irish pastime.

forgetting to turn off the immersion

Leaving the immersion on is the quickest way of getting yourself disowned.

kids with a trailer full of hay

We start them early!

pennys jumper

Sure for that price, how could you go wrong?


When The Angelus comes on, Ireland comes to a standstill, as people pause to think about their day and what kebab they’ll be getting from Abrakebabra that evening.

sewing kit in a chocolate tin

Often found inside your grandmother’s house.

tayto sandwich

A Tayto sandwich is an Irish cuisine. Best served with a large mug of tae / scald.


Look at yer young wan over there. State of her.


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