Guide: Large text on Snapchat.

This is a short guide on how to create large caption text on Snapchat. For too long a time, I kind of “half-wondered” how people were able to rotate and add extra large captions text to their pictures. Although I spent some time messing around with the sticker and drawing tool options, I ultimately failed to figure it out by myself.

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t really that intuitive or obvious-  so I had to ask somebody else how to do it. Have a quick look at the steps below.

Step 1: Type your caption text.

Start off by typing some caption text, as you would normally.

caption snapchat

As you can see, I’ve type out the caption “This is a test”.

Step 2: Press the “T” icon again.

After you have written your caption, simply press the “T” option again. As soon as you have press the “T” text icon for the second time, your caption text should immediately become enlarged:

large text snapchat

Note that you can now pinch, drag, rotate and resize the text in question. Here is an example of my Snapchat caption text after being rotated:

It is fair to say that I would have never guessed that I need to press the “T” icon twice! Hopefully, this guide helped you out!

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