The life of a web developer, as told via gifs

The life of a web developer / programmer, as told through the medium of gifs.

When my application works the first time I test it.

When I take over a sprawling code base that was written by a beginner developer.

When I’m ordered to implement a ridiculous feature.

My reaction when a co-worker asks me if my latest commit broke anything.
No, damn.

When a co-worker told me that the WYSIWYG editor on Dreamweaver is great.

When I upgrade the RAM on my server from 1GB to 2GB.
Unlimited Power

When I’m told that a feature I’ve been working on for the past few weeks is no longer needed.
No problem

When I’m working with a programming language that I’m completely unfamiliar with.
No idea what I'm doing.

When somebody tells me that their favorite programming language is HTML.
Programme in HTML

Seeing that a bug still exists, days after you thought you had finally fixed it.
Sam - No

When the new guy breaks something.

When a co-worker makes a “quick change” to a module that I developed.
Stay out of my territory

When a client indicates that they want something that is completely different from the system we had originally agreed on.

When somebody asks me why I use a text editor instead of an IDE.
Just a gangsta

After hours of trying to figure out why my code won’t work, I discover that I’ve done something incredibly stupid.
Stupid bug

“No. Really. It’s a feature, not a bug.”
Feature, not a bug

When you’re forced to make changes to a file on a production server.
We'll do it live!

When you catch the new employee browsing your in-house app with Internet Explorer.

Hearing that the system is down, moments after you’ve just deployed some code.

That feeling you get when you make the final change to a project.
Tom Hanks

Seeing people talk about the new feature you just created.

Listening to vague bug reports on the phone.

Trying out Vim for the first time.

When a potential client tells me that they’ll pay me as soon as their website starts making money.

Taking on an existing project, only to discover that the previous designer used nested tables for layout.

Finding out that one bug fix leads to the introduction of several more.

When the project manager keeps dumping more and more work on your lap.

Opening a large file that has all of its logic and presentation intertwined.

Testing out your new app for the first time.

The reaction you get when you ask a stupid question on a programming help forum.

The first person to test out the new feature you just implemented.

Realising that your website isn’t as popular as you thought it would be.
Knock knock, it's reality.

I don’t think this one needs any explanation.