The big list of movie plot holes.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the most ridiculous (and funniest) plot holes in famous movies.

Rocky’s son seems to age very quickly.

In Rocky IV, when Rocky leaves to fight Ivan Drago in Russia, his son is eight years old.

However, in the next movie, when he returns from Russia, his son is in his early teens.

Maybe it was just a really long fight?

The “Terminator” plot hole.

In the first Terminator movie, the police ask Kyle Reese why he didn’t bring any weapons from the future.

In response, he says that only organic material can travel back in time. He then explains that the T-800 was able to travel back by covering itself in organic skin.

Firstly, why didn’t he just wrap a weapon in some sort of organic material?

Secondly, in Terminator 2, the T-1000 was able to travel back in time. This was despite the fact that it consisted of material called “mimetic polyalloy”.

Santa Claus movies.

In the vast majority of Santa Claus movies, the adults never seem to believe in his existence.

How can they remain so sceptical when random gifts keep appearing underneath their Christmas trees each year?

Surely, you’d notice that your son is riding around on a $400 bicycle that you didn’t purchase?

Toy Story.

If Buzz Aldrin didn’t believe that he was a toy, then why did he instinctively freeze when humans were around?

I mean, he did think that he was a “Space Ranger”, didn’t he?

Buzz Lightyear Toy Story

Star Wars.

In Star Wars, Luke Skywalker is kept hidden from his father, Darth Vader.

Anakin Skywalker was Vader’s original name.

If they were trying to hide Luke, then why did they allow him to keep his father’s surname? Also, why would they hide him on his father’s home planet, of all places?


In the movie Signs (2002), humans discover that the aliens are deathly allergic to water.

If this is true, then why on earth are the aliens invading a planet that has rain, snow, oceans, and rivers?

Also, doesn’t Earth’s atmosphere contain water?

Independence Day.

In Independence Day, no one believes Randy Quaid’s claims that aliens abducted him.

This is despite the fact that a huge alien mothership has arrived and a dozen 15-mile-wide spaceships are currently hovering over Earth.

Also, how on earth was Jeff Goldblum’s character able to create a computer virus that was compatible with the alien’s system?

Not only that, but it took him very little time to do so.

And what interface did he use to connect to the alien ship? Did he find some kind of special Mac-to-Alien-Mothership USB adapter lying around?

Jurassic Park 2.

In the movie Jurassic Park 2, all of the crew members on board the ship that was carrying T-Rex were found dead.

How did they die when the T-Rex was still stuck in the cargo hold? Also, how did it manage to kill some of the crew members that were inside the ship without causing any damage?

Did T-Rex lock himself back up after his killing spree?

I Am Legend.

At the beginning of I Am Legend, we are told that all bridges leading into Manhattan were destroyed in an effort to stop the spread of the virus.

However, later on in the movie, Anna Montez and her son are able to drive into the city.


In the movie Waterworld, dirt is a prized commodity.

In one scene, a man sells a tomato plant (in a pot, with dirt) for half of the price of what a similar amount of dirt would cost.

Why did the dirt in the pot cost less?

Also, if paper is such a prized possession, why is everyone smoking cigarettes?

The Little Mermaid.

In the Disney movie The Little Mermaid (1989), Ariel lets us know that she can read and write by signing a contract with the Sea Witch, Ursula.

Later on, her voice is taken away and she is seemingly unable to communicate.

Why not communicate via writing?

Planet of the Apes (1968).

In the movie Planet of the Apes (1968), a team of astronauts crash lands on a “strange” unidentified planet.

Despite your average astronaut’s extensive knowledge of the moon, sun, and stars, these particular astronauts were completely unaware of the fact that this “strange planet” was actually Earth.

The Purge (2013).

In the movie The Purge (2013), an event called The Annual Purge takes place.

During this “special holiday”, all crime is legal and police stations are temporarily shut down.

Despite the horrors that such an event inevitably brings, people decide to stay hidden away in their bunkers, instead of just leaving the country for a day.

I mean, really, even the rich decided to stick around, even though they could have been lounging around in Barbados for a week.

Home Alone.

In Home Alone, Kevin McCallister rides a sleigh down his stairs before sliding out of his front door.

However, if you look at the scene where he is preparing the sleigh, you’ll see that the door is not directly opposite the stairs.

In reality, Kevin would have slid right into the wall that was opposite the stairs.

Edward Scissorhands.

Where did Edward Scissorhands get those blocks of ice from?

I mean, really… the guy is making ice sculptures… in his attic… in Florida.

The Simpsons.

This isn’t from a movie, but it is still an interesting plot hole / continuity error nonetheless.

In Episode 11, Season 3, Waylon Smithers tells Mr. Burns that they should probably go because several bees are currently stinging him.

All in all, he doesn’t seem too concerned.

However, in Episode 21, Season 7, Smithers tells Mr. Burns that he has a bee allergy that can kill him.

World War Z.

In World War Z, we find out that the zombies completely ignore humans that are suffering from deadly illnesses.

If this is the case, then why did nobody notice that people inside hospital wards were being left untouched?

There are thousands and thousands of hospitals and health clinics around the world.

Yet not one person picked this up.

Aliens (1986).

In the movie Aliens (1986), there is a small continuity error.

At the end of the movie Alien (1979), Ripley places her cat into a separate hypersleep chamber.

However, at the beginning of the movie Aliens (1986), we can see that Ripley and her cat are sleeping in the same hypersleep chamber. Because Ripley was in a state of stasis the entire time, there would have been no way for the cat to get into her chamber.

Unless, of course, she woke up for a sneaky smoke break?

Jurassic Park.

In the movie Jurassic Park, John Hammond tells his visitors that they spared “no expense”.

If that is the case, then why did they hire one programmer to develop over 2 million lines of code?

Surely they had enough money to hire a few more? You have the funds to breed extinct dinosaurs, but you can’t properly staff your IT department?

Come on now!

Forrest Gump.

Here is what we know about Forrest Gump:

  1. He is a billionaire.
  2. He personally uncovered the Watergate scandal.
  3. He was an All-American football star.
  4. He garnered a lot of media attention when he ran across America several times.

Yet, for some strange reason, nobody at the bus stop seems to recognize him.