The Online Activist

The Online Activist / Hacktivist can be found on political-orientated news articles and forum boards. Although our activist holds a grudge against Facebook and its “complete disregard for his personal privacy,” that won’t stop him from providing the social network with a neat and organized summary of his political beliefs; via the way of page likes, link shares and a near-constant stream of commentary about societal issues and current events.

The username.

A username is extremely important to an online activist, simply because it allows him to craft out an identity that is different from the one that he possesses in the real world. Typically speaking, he will lean towards overly-pretentious usernames such as “TheTruthTalker” or “CommunalKnowledge”. i.e. Something that is intended to inflate his worth as a commentator.


The online activist despises western propaganda and the disgusting mainstream media outlets that peddle it. However; in his opinion, Russian, Iranian and Palestinian propaganda pieces are completely fine, simply because they provide an anti-western narrative that is different from the one that he sees on TV. In his eyes, anything that doesn’t come from a western source must be true. This brings me to my next point.

Counter Culturalism

In order to carve out a unique identity, our online activist will actively oppose the social structures of western society. In most cases, he will speak out against “low-brow” things such as reality TV, pop music and other popular fads; even if they (secretly) provide him with some sort of enjoyment. You see, in most cases, it’s all about the act of opposition itself. In private, he may like a number of rap songs. However, that won’t stop him from publicly railing against it on message boards and the like. In his opinion, he’s not a “sheep” – He’s a lone wolf that is bravely speaking out against the ills of modern society.


If smugness was an energy source, online activists would power the world. It really is a remarkable sight to see. These are the kind of people that label everyone else as “sheep”, simply because a few articles from “alternative” sources gave them the means to figure the world out (heh). You? You’re just a mindless pleb. Your consumption of mass media makes you a low-brow tool. When are you going to wake up?

Here are a few examples of the type of pretentious bollocks that these people will come out with on a regular basis:

  • “Maybe you should employ some critical thinking skills.”
  • “I prefer intellectual pursuits.”
  • “How about thinking for yourself instead of mindlessly believing what you’re told?”