People of the Internet: The Facebook Contrarian

The “Facebook Contrarian” is a person who will wait until their Facebook feed has formed some sort of general consensus on a subject before purposely championing an opposing viewpoint. For example: If the majority of the people on their friend list were to express their love for the colour red, the Facebook Contrarian will respond by making statuses about how Alizarin Crimson is a much better choice and that anyone who says otherwise is a lowly uneducated peon.

Typically, this kind of person suffers from “unique little snowflake syndrome”, which has the unfortunate side effect of making them believe that they are intellectually and culturally superior to the rest of their online peers. Little do they know that everybody else considers their statuses to be smug and obnoxious, to the point that they audibly cringe whenever they have to read one.

The worst thing about the Facebook Contrarian is that they pick a viewpoint on the basis that nobody else has posted it yet. To them, political views and opinions are like fashion items that they can pick up and wear for a day, just for show. Essentially, they are the online equivalent of that girl who has to go home and change whenever she sees that somebody else is wearing the same dress.

The best examples of this kind of behavior will always appear whenever a popular celebrity has died and Facebook has been flooded with “RIP” statuses. The Facebook Contrarian will take this as an opportunity to express their non-conformist views by reminding everyone that 10 billion crippled poor children also died that day and that they should therefore stop expressing their empathy, lest they be labelled as hypocrites. The worst thing is; this person doesn’t really care about the other people who died. They’re just taking advantage of the situation in order to try and carve out some sort of unique and edgy identity for themselves.


Nick Beard, sticking it to the man.

Other examples will spring up whenever a popular event on TV is being discussed. In this case, the Facebook Contrarian tell remind everyone that they are not watching the event in question, simply because they believe that forging an identity around not doing something is a worthy endeavor. In my experience, those who base their identities on not doing something are the most boring and trite people to be around.

All in all, the Facebook Contrarian is an attention seeker at heart. By posting controversial opinions that rail against the system, they hope to “break free” from the crowd and distinguish themselves as a person with independent thought. Unfortunately for them, this pretentious facade of theirs is extremely obvious to everyone that has already gone through the teen angst phase.

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One thought on “People of the Internet: The Facebook Contrarian

  1. Adam E.

    Interesting. I have few like these on my FB friends list. I have to say all of them are also lonely and somehow depressive personality persons, as you say they seek for some attention so that’s why they do stuff like these.. It’s a pity they think for themself they are superior compared to normal people.
    Maybe advice them to visit a psychologist? 🙂

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