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Unfortunately, r/WorldPolitics is one of those subreddits on Reddit that has a misleading name. Instead of being a place for interesting discussions about world politics, it is mostly used as a platform by Internet “activists”, anti-semites and conspiracy theorists.

The first thing you need to know about r/WorldPolitics is that is that many of its subscribers are also subscribed to Reddit’s r/conspiracy subreddit. This is because it was marketed there by its creator, who championed his new subreddit as a free speech zone where editorialized titles are “explicitly allowed” (that’s an exact quote from the sidebar, by the way).

This is backed up by an “overlap analysis”, which shows that the overlap between r/WorldPolitics and r/Conspiracy users is notably high. Other notable subreddits included in this overlap are: Israel Exposed, Occupy Wall Street and Palestine (and boy oh boy, does this reflect the content that is posted there).

Do a quick search for “9/11” on r/WorldPolitics and you will see highly-upvoted titles such as:

  • “The Hidden Government Group Linking JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra and 9/11.”
  • “FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds: Pentagon, CIA, NATO and MI6 Were Masterminds Behind 9/11. As Far As People Who Ran The Show, It Was The Highest Levels of NATO, the U.S., MI6, CIA And The Pentagon.”
  • “Did US intelligence tie Israel to 9/11? Jonathan Cook on the growing indicators that Israeli intelligence knew of the 9/11 attacks.”
  • “Putin Threatens to Bust U.S. “9/11 inside Job’ Conspiracy With Facts and Figures.”
  • “9/11 Truthers Seek Ballot Initiative To Investigate 7 WTC Collapse.”

It goes on and on and on… Visit the comments section for some of these threads and you’ll quickly see that conspiracy theories are a very popular subject on r/WorldPolitics. Especially if Israel is somehow involved, which leads me to my next point.

Make no mistake about it: This particular subreddit is about Israel, with the odd bit of international politics sprinkled in. More often than not, you’ll find that the top submissions have titles that express a distinctively anti-Western viewpoint. Most of the time, the discussion on this subreddit can be summed up as: “Israel and America are bad. Russia, Iran and some of the countries that America / Israel opposes are not so bad.” Most of it is your average run-of-the-mill angsty teenager rebellion crap. Boring and monotonous to read unless you’re actually emotionally invested in expressing said viewpoints.

Today, I decided to look at the top submission, just to see if the current state of r/WorldPolitics backed up some of my arguments above. The top submission was titled “EU considering ‘sanctions’ against Israel over settlements.” Its second-top submission was an image macro complaining about corporate profit margins.

So typical and expected that it is kind of funny.

Oh, and if that doesn’t prove it to you, just remember that this is the subreddit that regularly upvotes Israel-related submissions from users such as “Gas The K*kes” and European88. Have a look at the user accounts of some of those who actively submit content to this subreddit and you’ll see that many of them are active on racist subreddits such as White Rights and Great Apes.

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