r/conspiracy and “the Jews.” Is r/conspiracy racist?

Reddit’s r/conspiracy subreddit is a place where “White Nationalists” and racists can share their antisemitic propaganda with gullible conspiracy theorists. Some of the most common topics are:

  • The Holocaust never happened.
  • Jews run the world and/or media.
  • Hitler wasn’t that bad.

If you think that I am joking about that last point, then allow me to show you a screenshot of r/conspiracy’s sidebar:


Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told

And if that wasn’t enough:


And if THAT wasn’t enough:


It’s funny – Whenever you introduce the idea that r/conspiracy is a stomping ground for racists, its subscriber base tends to reacts in anger. This is despite the fact that there are plenty of examples of blatant antisemitism:


Hell, even the moderators of r/conspiracy (read: Flytape) like to get in on the Holocaust Denial every once and a while:


Bumblingmumbling decides to defend Flytape:


A Reddit user called TTrns links to a website that has a Nazi emblem in the sidebar:


It goes on and on and on:


And on and on and on:


So much in fact that it is amazing that they have denied it for so long.

Henry Ford Jews

And one of the responses to the above image:


Yep… Hitler “understood” the Jews. The upvotes speak for themselves.