Samsung not using custom app notification sounds.

After I switched to using a Samsung A50, I noticed that every app had the exact same notification sound. For instance: Snapchat, which usually has it’s own distinct notification sound, was now playing the default “Spaceline” sound.

“Not cool”, I thought. I like knowing which app a notification came from before I have to pick up my phone and look at it.

I had a quick Google search around and apparently, Samsung S9 and Samsung S10 users were also encountering the issue.

The fix was pretty simple: Uninstall the app and reinstall it again. As soon as I uninstalled Snapchat and reinstalled it again, the custom Snapchat notification sound returned.

My guess is that this problem might have something to do with copying apps over from an older phone. I had used the Smart Switch app to port all of my data and applications over onto the A50 and this may have caused permission conflicts. That, or apps are only able to set their own custom notification sounds if you install them manually.

Anyway, hopefully this short post saved you some frustration!