Spotify Fix: Cannot find api-ms-win-core-processthreads.

This morning, I attempted to start up Spotify on my 64-bit Windows 7 PC, only to be greeted with the following error:

Cannot find ‘api-ms-win-core-processthreads-l1-1-2.dll’. Please, re-install this application.

So, I followed the error’s instructions and went to try and uninstall Spotify.

Unfortunately, I could not uninstall Spotify via the Program and Features section in the Windows Control Panel, as the error above kept appearing, preventing me from doing so. Basically, I was left in a situation where I could not start it or remove it. Frustrating!

The fix.

To fix this issue, I had to download a program called Revo Uninstaller, which basically wipes unwanted programs from your computer. Revo Uninstaller provides you with a list of all of the programs that are installed on your PC. If you right-click on Spotify and select the Uninstall option, you will receive the same “Cannot find api-ms-win-core-processthreads” error that was displayed earlier. However, afterwards, you will be given the option to Scan and remove registry items and files that are related to the program. This basically wipes Spotify from your PC. After removing the program, I simply downloaded the latest version of Spotify and performed a fresh install.

Hopefully this article helped!

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