Bitcoin Regret Calculator

A "Bitcoin Regret Calculator" that shows you how much money you could have made (or lost) over the years if you had invested in Bitcoin.

The calculator above will quickly traverse through each date since the initial investment and continuously update its value.


If you had purchased $1 USD worth of BTC in October of 2010, it would have been worth $100 by June, 2011. To go even further: If you had kept that Bitcoin until 2015, you would have started off the new year with over $2,000.

In October of 2010, you could have purchased 500 BTC for $50. With a bit of will and an awful lot of stubbornness, you would have been worth over 8 million dollars by the end of 2017. Today (on April, 1st, 2021), you'd be worth 29.4 million dollars.

On the other hand, if you had purchased $20,000 worth of BTC on December 17th, 2017, you would have had to wait 3 years to get your money back.

In the early days of Bitcoin, Reddit users would often tip each other with BTC as a "thank you". If a random user had tipped you 20 cent in June of 2011, it would have reached over $300 by December of 2017.

A person with 10K to spare in 2010 could have become a billionaire by 2017.

If Bill Gates got drunk and spent 1,000,000 USD on Bitcoin back in 2010, he'd have an extra 98 billion dollars in his pocket right now.