How to unblock someone on Instagram.

This is a short guide on how to unblock someone on Instagram.

Maybe the time has come for you to forgive and forget. Maybe you feel as though there are more important things in life than social media feuds.

Or maybe keeping someone blocked on Instagram simply isn’t your style. You’re OK with them seeing your Instagram page. I mean, why should you have to hide anything?

Either way, it doesn’t matter what your motive is. In the following guide, I will show you how to unblock someone that you previously blocked on Instagram.

Click on the Settings icon.

Firstly, you will need to go to your Instagram profile and then click on the Settings icon. This “hamburger” icon can be found in the top right-hand corner, just above your Following count.

Instagram settings icon

A screenshot showing the Instagram settings icon.

Scroll down and click on Settings.

Once you have clicked on the “hamburger” icon, a side menu will appear. Scroll down to the bottom of this menu and you will find an option called “Settings”.

Unblock someone on Instagram

The “Settings” option is at the bottom of the menu.

Click on the Settings menu.

Click on the “Privacy” option.

The unblock feature on Instagram can be found inside the Privacy section. As of 2021, the “Privacy” link can be found underneath “Notifications” in the Settings menu.

Settings Menu

As of 2020, the “Privacy” option is located underneath “Notifications”.

Click on the Privacy option.

Click on the “Blocked Accounts” option.

Once you have reached Instagram’s Privacy menu, you will need to scroll down to the Connections section. Inside the Connections section, you will find an option called “Blocked Accounts”.

Blocked Accounts

The Blocked Accounts feature will show you a list of everyone you have blocked on Instagram.

Click on the “Blocked Accounts” option.

Find the Instagram user that you want to unblock.

After that, you will be brought to a page called Blocked Accounts. This menu will show you a list of all the Instagram users that you have blocked in the past. In addition, each user will have an “Unblock” button to the right of their name.

unblock an instagram account

The Blocked Accounts section will display a list of everyone that you have blocked on Instagram. An “unblock” button will appear to the right of each account.

Find the account that you want to unblock and then press the white “Unblock” button.

After that, Instagram will ask you to confirm your decision.

Unblock Instagram

“They will now be able to request to follow you on Instagram. Instagram won’t let them know you unblocked them.”

Once you are happy with your decision, simply click on the blue Unblock option.

Subsequently, Instagram will display the following message:


A message will appear informing you that the user in question has unblocked.

As you can see, the message above doesn’t really make a lot of sense. It seems as though there is a typo or Instagram has used the wrong message by mistake.

What happens when you unblock someone on Instagram?

You will now be able to search for them and view their profile again. Likewise, they will be able to search for you and view your page.

However, they will NOT receive a notification that you have unblocked them.

Instead, they will have to find out for themselves (assuming they even realized that they were blocked).

Why can’t I unblock someone on Instagram?

If the person in question is not showing up in your list of blocked users, then it means one of the following things:

  1. They also have you blocked. This is what we call a “mutual block”. You blocked them and they blocked you.
  2. They have deleted their Instagram account.

Can I unblock someone using the Instagram website?

Unfortunately, it seems as though the unblock feature doesn’t work on the Instagram website (as of 2020). Although you can view your blocked accounts, there is no “unblock” button available:

Instagram website unblock

As you can see, it is showing me the username of the person I blocked.

However, there are no options available and you cannot click on the name. It’s basically just text.

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