Snapchat: Upload multiple snaps at once.

This is a short guide on how to upload multiple snaps to your Snapchat story at once. In some cases, a particular snap might lack context unless it is accompanied by another snap (or multiple snaps). Although you could attempt to take the snaps and upload them really quickly – this may not be possible, depending on the circumstances. There is also the chance that somebody will view the first snap before you’ve uploaded the second one, leaving them confused.

The first thing you need to do is disconnect yourself from the Internet. If you know how to use airplane mode, then you can simply turn it on and skip the next part about Wi-Fi and Mobile Data. If you’re unsure about how to use airplane mode, then simply turn off Wi-Fi and Mobile data using the menu at the top of your phone (in this tutorial, I am using an Android, but iPhone users should get the idea):

android wi-fi

android mobile data option

In the screenshots above, you can see that I have Wi-Fi and Mobile data turned on. We know that they are turned on because they are colored and not faded out. If you look at the Bluetooth option, you can see that I have it turned off, simply because the icon is fade out.

To turn off your Internet access, simply tap the Wi-Fi and Mobile Data icons until they are faded out. Here’s a screenshot of the Mobile Data option after I turned it off:

mobile data off android

Note how the icon is no longer green.

At this point, you can open your browser and attempt to load a website, just to make sure that the Internet on your phone has been turned off.

Once you’re happy that you no longer have Internet access, you can open Snapchat and begin taking snaps. Note that the Snapchat app will warn you that you do not have Internet connectivity. However, it will allow you to use the app as normal.

If you take a couple of snaps and add them to your story, you’ll quickly see that they failed to upload. After you’ve uploaded multiple snaps to your story, you might see a message such as “2 Snaps failed to post.”

Once you’re happy with the snaps that you’ve taken, you can simply turn your Internet access back on and return to the Snapchat app. If you go into the Stories section and click on your story, you will see something like this:

snapchat failed to post

Now that my Internet access is back on and I’m happy that I’ve taken all of the snaps that I needed to take (in the correct order, as you normally would), I can simply tap on each story and upload them all at once (well… within seconds of each other).

Hopefully, you found this guide to be helpful!

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