How to find and view watched videos on TikTok.

Although TikTok does not have a chronologically-ordered history section like Youtube, its search feature does allow you to view a list of “watched videos”.

This is particularly useful if you are trying to find a video that you saw in the past. It can also come in handy if your FYP page accidentally refreshes before you get the chance to like or save a video.

To start off, you will need to go to the Discover page on TikTok.

discover tiktok

The “Discover” option is at the bottom of the app.

After that, type an asterisk character (*) into the search bar at the top.

find watched video tiktok

Enter the * character into the search bar. In certain cases, people will refer to this as a “wildcard” character. This is because it tells the app to return everything.

Once you have entered an asterisk into the search bar, click on the “Filters” icon in the top right-hand corner.

This will bring up a number of different filters that you can use to narrow down your list of previously-watched videos.

watched videos

A screenshot of the “Filters” page on TikTok. This section is useful if you need to find a TikTok that you accidentally refreshed on.

One of the options allows you to see a list of videos that you saw in the last seven days. Another one gives you the ability to specify when the creator posted it.

For example, if the video relates to an event that took place yesterday, then you can obviously narrow down your list by selecting the “Yesterday” option.

Once you are happy with the filters you’ve chosen, simply press the “Apply” button in the top right-hand corner.

At this stage, the app will display a list of videos that you’ve previously seen.

The only drawback here is that they will not be in the order that you watched them in. Currently, users can only order this list by “Relevance” or “Most liked”.

As a result, you may need to refine your filters and narrow down your results.

Why does the * character bring back all watched TikToks?

In programming, the * character represents a wildcard. Simply put, it is a placeholder which tells the app to search for everything.

In other words, it is kind of like saying “* matches everything”.

In this case, the wildcard is extremely useful because it can be almost impossible to find a TikTok video that you refreshed or watched five days ago.

This is because most of us don’t take any notice of the creator’s name or what they wrote in the caption.

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