The idiots at Wexford County Council vote to “remove fluoride”

All of the political parties at the Wexford County Council have thrown their support behind a motion that calls for the removal of fluoride from Ireland’s water supply. In doing so, they have thrown their support behind the cooks and the conspiratorial elements of our society. The same science-denying homeopathy-pushing elements of our society that use amateur videos on Youtube as a source of information.

I’m a bit amazed by it all, to be honest. I mean, the people that we elected to represent us at a local level have decided to throw their support behind unproven nonsense. The facts and the figures and the opinions of those who actually know what they’re talking about have been cast aside. The hard-working men and women in lab coats have been overruled, so to speak – Overruled by a loud minority of chemtrail-spotting conspiracy theorists that believe in things such as faith-healing.

Is fluoride dangerous?

Yes, fluoride can be dangerous, IF the concentration of fluoride is high enough. Is the level of fluoride in our water dangerous? No, absolutely not. Think about it this way – To reach a level that would be considered dangerous, we’d have to multiply the level of fluoride in our water supply by about 100. That’s a big effin’ number.

But studies have shown that fluoride is dangerous…

Anti-fluoride campaigners have a nasty habit of misinterpreting studies. They will see what they want to see and disregard the rest. They will also quote studies that have nothing to do with water fluoridation. i.e. Studies that were based on concentrations that are much higher than what it is found in our water supply. If a study concluded that necking down 15 pints of lager on a Saturday night was bad for you; would you use that study as evidence that a glass of beer is detrimental to your health?

OMG, the government is medicating us!

Bullcrap. Fluoride is a mineral and the whole “you are medicating us!” crap has been squashed by the Supreme Court (both in Ireland and in the US). Did you know that fluoride naturally occurs in water? Check out Argentina.

We’re the only country that does this!

Nonsense. Fluoridation is used throughout the world. In a number of European countries, it is added to common foodstuff such as milk.

It is costing us money!

It will cost even more money if we remove fluoride from the water supply in Ireland. Are you willing to pay for the increased dental care of people in 5-10 years time? Are you willing to pay extra taxes to support those who receive “free” dental care from our government? I bet not. Ironically enough, many of the people that are pushing for a ban on fluoride will end up protesting on the streets if its removal leads to higher taxes.

To be honest, I can’t believe that the Wexford council members would be taken in by such nonsense. It has really shown them up to be a bunch of clueless fools. The worst thing is: All of the facts and information are available to anyone with access to Google, so it is pretty clear that these people didn’t even bother to research the peer-reviewed studies before voting.

I will be giving my vote to the newer candidates next time around.

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