Youtube pages keep reloading.

Last night, I came across an extremely frustrating issue with Chrome and Youtube. Basically, as I was browsing from one page to the next, Chrome kept reloading each page. i.e. I was basically viewing each page twice.

To try and debug the issue, I did the following:

  • I opened Youtube in incognito mode, just incase the reloading was cache-related or if being logged in to Youtube was causing it. After doing this, I found that the issue still existed.
  • I browsed Youtube with Firefox. Everything was fine.

Note that this was the first time that it had started happening to me.

Anyway, I’ve looked around on some of the various help forums and this is what they’re saying:

  • “You should update Chrome, Java and Flash!” – Unfortunately, this isn’t much help to me as my system is up-to-date and Chrome updates automatically for me.
  • People misinterpreting help questions by assuming that the OP is having problems with an endlessly loading page.
  • People blaming extensions (Adblock) that I do not have installed (if you do have Adblock installed, then you should disable it for a bit, just to see if fixes the issue).
  • People blaming malware (I’m pretty sure this isn’t the case with me).

The issue is a bit frustrating, but it looks as though I am going to have to solve it by myself. I’ll update if the reloading stops or if I’ve managed to find a way to stop it myself.

Update: Unfortunately, I can’t be of any help, as it suddenly stopped happening. Maybe it was a bug?

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