Mate, you can’t support a financial group.

Someone posted this immortal comment during one of the funniest conversations that I have ever seen on Reddit.

Basically, a user called “acken” was having a discussion about Manchester City on Reddit’s r/soccer subreddit when someone realized that he had a NYC FC flair beside his name.

You see, acken, who supposedly supports the MLS team New York City FC, used the word “we” while talking about Manchester City.

“So you’re saying that we should be worried?”

After noticing acken’s NYC FC badge, a Reddit user called “the-glimmer-man” responded with:

“I don’t see what NYC FC would have to worry about, no.”

In response, acken attempted to justify his usage of the word “we”. In his comment, he stated that “we” referred to “members of Mansour’s financial group”.

Manchester City is run by “Abu Dhabi United Group”, which is a private equity company that is owned by Emirati billionaire, Sheikh Mansour.

Mansour is also the majority owner of New York City FC, which is a football team in the MLS.

This basically means that he controls both clubs.

After realizing that acken was literally cheering on an equity firm, user wwxxyyzz responded with:

“Mate you can’t support a financial group”

The ridiculous nature of the comment and the fact that someone even had to state it in the first place has led to users parodying it and quoting it multiple times.

This article was posted in Football on January 20, 2015.