Funny Programming Comments

Sometimes, you’ll be knee-deep in somebody else’s code, only to stumble across a comment that is so unexpected and/or hilarious that you makes you break out into laughter.

That just reeks of confidence, doesn’t it?

Which is just another way of saying that the following piece of code has some “quirks”.

I found the above example in an include file that connected to several different databases. I spent the next five minutes chuckling away to myself.

At least he’s honest.

The above comment was found in the source code of Xee, which is a “light-weight image viewer for Mac”.

An unsettling feeling that all programmers experience at one point or another.

Don’t worry, I won’t.

The above code was found in the leaked source code for Windows 2004.

Found in Quake III source code.

Graphics programming is fun 🙂

According to the person who wrote the comment above, they didn’t actually remember… Much to everyone’s surprise, of course.

A classic way of dealing with clients that won’t pay.

I love a challenge.

Unfortunately, Jon had left the company three years prior.

The name of that function does not inspire me with confidence.


We’ve all come across “temporary” additions.

Found in the source code of a UNIX browser from the 1990s.

A comment that was found inside a Joomla module.

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