PHP: Convert an array into a comma-delimited string.

This is a short and simple PHP tutorial on how to convert an array of strings into a comma-delimited string. To do this, we will use PHP’s handy implode function.

Let’s assume that we have a PHP array of first names. Let’s also assume that we want to convert the elements of that array into one big comma-separated string.

Take a look at the following example:

//PHP array containing strings.
//In this cases, it's an array of first names.
$array = array(

//Use the implode function to create a comma-delimited string.
$str = implode(",", $array);

//Print out our new string.
echo $str;

//Result is:

In the code above, we used PHP’s implode function to convert the array elements into a comma-delimited string. The implode function takes in two arguments:

  1. The glue: This is the string that separates each element from our array. In this case, we chose a comma. By default, this parameter is an empty string unless you specify otherwise.
  2. The array of strings that you want to join together.

If you run the example yourself, you will see that the following string is printed out onto the page:


If you want a comma and a space, then you can simply modify the glue parameter and add a space:

$str = implode(", ", $array);

If you want to delimit each string by a hyphen character, then you can do the following:

$str = implode("-", $array);

Note that if your array contains a non-scalar value, you will receive an error notice similar to this:

Notice: Array to string conversion

The notice above is telling me that there was an array inside my array and that implode could not properly convert it into a string. Thankfully, the function will handle float values and integers just fine!