PHP: Sort array keys in a reverse / descending order.

This is a short PHP tutorial on how to sort array keys in a reverse / descending order. In the examples below, we will sort the keys in a descending order while maintaining the key to element correlations.

Take a look at the following snippet:

//An example PHP array
$fruits = array(
    2 => 'Orange',
    9 => 'Apple',
    3 => 'Banana',
    1 => 'Grapes',
    4 => 'Mango'

//Use PHP's krsort function to
//sort the array keys in a DESCENDING / Reverse order

//var_dump the array out

In the code above, we created a basic PHP array. As you can see, the keys of this particular array are unordered.

To sort these keys in a descending order so that key 9 is at the top of the array and key 1 is at the bottom of the array, we need to use PHP’s krsort function.

If you run the example above, you will see that the krsort function sorts our array and re-orders it like so:

PHP krsort

As you can see, the keys in our array have been sorted in a reverse order. Moreover, each key still correlates to the same element.

Note that krsort does not return the sorted array. Instead, it returns a TRUE or FALSE value, depending on whether the operation has been successful or not. This means that the following piece of code will not work:

//Incorrect way of using krsort.
$fruits = krsort($fruits);

The PHP code above will overwrite our $fruits array with a boolean TRUE variable, which is something that we obviously do not want. krsort does not need to return the sorted array because the original array is passed in as a reference. i.e. The function will modify the array directly.

Hopefully, you found this guide useful!