Resident Evil 2: Unlocking the Portable Safe.

This is a guide on how to unlock the Portable Safe in the remake version of Resident Evil 2. The other day, I came across a number of articles that offered codes for this safe. Unfortunately, none of these codes worked, as the combination code for the Portable Safe seems to be completely randomized for each player.

Breaking the code.

The first Portable Safe can be found in the Locker Room on the second floor (2F) of the Raccoon Police Station.

Select the Portable Safe in your inventory screen and “Examine” it. This safe has eight buttons, all of which must be pressed in the correct order. To make things easier for yourself, you should think of these buttons as numbers:

Portable Safe - Resident Evil 2

A screenshot showing the Portable Safe in Resident Evil 2.

As you can see in the screenshot above, I have labelled each button from 1-8.

This is a trial and error exercise, so you should probably grab a pen and paper before you attempt this.

Start off by pressing whichever number you want to. This is your starting number, so jot it down. Once you press the first button, a green dot will light up on the circular panel at the top of the safe.

After that, you will need to guess the second number. If you guess correctly, a second green dot will appear. If you pick an incorrect number, a red dot will appear and you will be forced to start all over again.

Note that a number can only be used once. i.e. You can’t press the same button twice because this is essentially a sequence guessing exercise.

Once you have successfully guessed the second number, you should jot it down. At this stage, it could be “16” or “74” or whatever. As stated above, this combination code or sequence will be completely unique to your game.

After that, you will need to guess the third number in the sequence. If you guess correctly, a third green light will appear on the panel. If you guess incorrectly, a red light will appear and you will be forced to start all over again.

To open the Portable Safe, you will need to continue this process until all of the lights have turned green.

Hopefully, this guide helped you out!