Fixing a Samsung Galaxy A3 that won’t turn on

If your Samsung Galaxy A3 phone is dead and won’t turn on despite being charged, then you may need to force it to restart.

To do this, you will need to hold down the two volume keys and the power key for at least 10 seconds.

These buttons are located on the right side of the phone.

Press the three buttons at the same time and hold them down until the screen lights up and the Samsung logo appears.

This will not factory reset the phone or erase your photographs. All it does is force an unresponsive phone to reboot.

In certain cases, your phone may freeze due to heavy app usage. If this happens, the screen can go black and seem like it is dead. By holding down the three buttons, you are forcing it to turn off and back on again.

With older smartphones, you could take out the battery and put it back in again. Unfortunately, the Samsung A3, like most modern phones, does not have a removable cover.

If the above fix does not work, then the phone’s battery may be dead. Before throwing in the towel, you should try to charge it with a different charger and cable.