The Talking Tom “ah ah ah!” TikTok trend.

TikTok users are currently using a sound from the “Talking Tom Cat” app to express their disapproval of certain statements.

In this case, someone has edited an audio recording of Tom saying “ah ah ah!” so that it starts off with a high-pitched tempo and then gradually slows down until it sounds like “uh uh uh!”.

You can view the original video and sound here.

This TikTok trend involves adding a caption to the video and waving your finger in a disapproving manner. The caption can be a statement you disagree with or a question that you don’t like.

Take the following example from TikTok user brookemonk_.

ah ah ah tiktok trend

“Me when my best friend says that she looks bad.”

As you can see, Brooke is being a supportive friend by disagreeing with her statement.

Other examples of the “ah ah ah” trend.

User livvy clearly doesn’t like it when people ask her to FaceTime.

The trend involves waving your finger at the camera.

User admoosta pokes fun at how people will procrastinate about getting into the shower and then complain when someone else finally decides to use it.

shower meme

Finally, we have this example from Mirta Miller (mimiermakeup), who believes that it is bad etiquette to drag up the past.


“Hey, remember when you used to like…”

As you can see, you can also use the “ah ah ah” trend to “cut someone off” because of what they are about to say.

This article was posted in TikTok on March 19, 2022.