Where is the Audi windshield washer located?

A while back, I needed to refill the windshield washer reservoir on a 2017 Audi A5 Sportback. However, when I opened the bonnet, I couldn’t seem to find the blue cap.

Most cars that I’ve dealt with have had the windshield washer cap situated at the front of the engine. However, this isn’t the case with the new Audi A5 model.

The only Youtube videos that I could find on the subject were made for older versions of the A5 or other models, and none of them seemed to be in the same place.

Finally, I discovered that the cap is actually located beside the driver side window:

Window Washer Audi

The blue cap for the Windshield Washer reservoir on the Audi A5 sportback.

In this case, I couldn’t find the windshield washer cap because it was hidden behind the bonnet, away from the rest of the engine.

Anyway, hopefully, this saved somebody a bit of time!