What does “fighting for his life in the group chat” mean?

If someone says that a guy is “fighting for his life” in the group chat, then it means that he has done something so embarrassing or cringe-worthy that his close friends are probably ridiculing him about it.

In male group chats, men will often “roast” each other for fun. In other words, they like to taunt one another and come up with new insults.

If a guy in a male group chat does something embarrassing, then his friends will most likely target him and tease him about it.

This will happen until they either run out of jokes or another topic takes over the chat.

Sooner or later, everyone becomes the target of this kind of banter.

This is why people will sometimes say that someone is fighting for their life in the group chat. Essentially, they are pointing out the person in question has done something that makes them an easy target for ridicule.

fighting for their life in the groupchat

“Bro is fighting for his life in the gc”. Note that “GC” is an acronym for “Group Chat”.

The comment above was posted on the video-sharing app TikTok.

In this case, a girl secretly recorded her boyfriend as he was speaking “baby talk” to her. However, as soon as he noticed the phone, he immediately jumped out of bed and started shouting about how his friends weren’t going to hang around with him anymore.

“Fighting for his life.”

When the group chat “targets” someone over something embarrassing that they did, that person will sometimes go on the defensive. In other words, they will start to throw insults back.

They may also attempt to come up with excuses for their “behavior”.

This is what people mean when they say that someone is “fighting for his life.”

They are at that point where they need to actively defend themselves against the onslaught of banter.

This article was posted in Slang on November 5, 2021.