Getting the pills from the pharmacy in The Walking Dead

Here’s a simple walk-through / guide on getting the pills from the pharmacy in The Walking Dead: The Game.

After the initial fracas in the pharmacy has died down and you have scoured the area for items (picture of your family in the office), Glenn will inform Lee that he plans on going outside in order to scavenge for fuel. Later on, Clementine will receive a call from Glenn on the walkie talkie. He’s in trouble and is currently pinned down by a hoard of zombies at a local motel.

Carley will offer to help you rescue Glen – Be sure to take this option as soon as you get it as you won’t be able to get the pills until you’ve successfully completed the motel mission. Don’t read any further if you haven’t been to the motel and are afraid of reading spoilers.

Completing the motel mission.

As soon as you get to the motel, Glenn will pop out of a dumpster and he will tell you that there is a girl trapped in one of the rooms upstairs. As soon as the cut-scenes end and you are at the wall outside, peak your head out to the left and pick up the pillow that is on the ground in front of you.

Head over to the truck on your right and then lean out to the left so that you can look at the zombie sitting up against the car. Use the pillow option on this zombie so that Carley shoots him in the head, while using the pillow to muffle the sound of her shot.

Open the door on the car and take the car out of gear (it’s on the side of the steering wheel). Also make sure that you pick up the spark plug. Once that’s done, you can push the car and squash the zombie beside the red axe.

Now, head back to the truck and try to smash the window with the spark plug. Glenn will interject and tell you that one of the components inside the spark plug will instantly smash a pane of glass. He’ll break it open and hand you a piece of metal, which you can use to break the window. Inside the car, there’s a screwdriver. Take it.

Head back over to the first wall that you were at when the mission started and use the screwdriver on the female zombie that has her back to you. Once you’ve killed her and are at the truck inside the motel car park, you can lure the jock zombie over to you by whistling at it. As it comes walking towards you, you can leap out and stab it.

Now, you can head over to the zombie that was squashed by the car. Kill it and you’ll be able to get the fire axe that is located beside it.

Complete the rest of the mission by killing the two zombies that are banging on the motel room door upstairs.

Back in the pharmacy.

Once you’re back in the pharmacy, you can go outside with Doug, who is guarding the front door. Converse with him and prove to him that the trapped zombie is a pharmacy worker by showing him the torn-up picture of your family. Using the axe that you found at the motel, break the lock on the gate and open it. Pick up the brick that is on the floor in front of you and throw it at the window of the TV store.

Go back inside and head over to Carley, who is still trying to fix the radio. Check the back of it, so that you can find out whether it has any batteries or not. Sure enough, you’ll discover that there are no batteries.

Head into the back office and try to move the desk that is in front of the pharmacy door. Here, Clementine will hurt her finger as she is helping you, forcing you to grab a plaster from the first aid kit on the desk. Once you’ve moved the desk and bandaged Clementine’s finger, you should be able to open up one of the drawers. In the drawer, you’ll find a TV remote control that belonged to your father.

Head back out to Doug and attempt to use the remote control on the TV shop. This will fail; however Doug will be able to help you out as he knows how to programme remote controls to work with any TV. He’ll do his work and turn on the televisions in the shop front, creating a diversion of white static televisions, which the zombies are drawn towards. This will allow you to race over to Lee’s brother, who is holding the keys to the pharmacy door.

Take the keys and unlock the door.

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