Walkie Talkie icon in The Walking Dead: The Game

This one bugged me a little so I figured that I’d make a quick post about it – I’m sure that others have had the exact same question.

At the beginning of episode one, Lee Everett escapes from a hoard of zombies and ends up on the back porch of a vacated house. During his search of the house, he comes across a walkie talkie, which he takes.

The confusion stems from the fact that the walkie talkie appears as an icon on the left side of your screen. This, to me, is a little bit misleading, simply because it suggests that you can equip it / use it at any time (like in other games). In fact, I was so weary about its potential importance in the game that I went searching through the control settings in order to find out if there’s any way to access the inventory and select it.

Unfortunately, the icon serves no purpose other than to let the player know that Lee has a walkie talkie in his inventory. Throughout the game, these icons inform the player that Lee has certain items on his body, which he can use, when the time is right. i.e. You won’t be able to take out the hatchet until a click event provides you with the option.

Hopefully, this saves a few people from needlessly worrying about it.


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