Last of Us Part II: Using the rope at the Aquarium.

Recently, I’ve been playing The Last of Us Part II. Although most of the “puzzles” in the game are pretty straight-forward, I did get confused by the rope at the Aquarium.

To sum it up, I spent 15 minutes running around the place like an idiot. I also kept throwing the cable up onto the roof, only for it to keep falling back down.

If you’re an idiot like me, here’s a quick guide on how to get past this part. I will also make sure that I don’t mention any spoilers.

Find the small room with the broken windows.

When Abby reaches the aquarium, she discovers that the front door is locked. As a result, you will need to circle the building and find the side entrance.

Unfortunately, this door is also locked.

However, there is a small room on the right that has two windows:

Last of Us Part II - aquarium

You can jump through the broken windows.

Once you have jumped through one of these windows, you will find that you have landed in a small storage room.

On the ground, there will be a cable / rope and a broken bottle. If you look up at the ceiling, you will also notice that there is a skylight.

Last of Us Part II aquarium walkthrough

You can break this skylight using a glass bottle.

Aim a glass bottle at the skylight and throw it. Alternatively, you can just shoot it.

Throw the rope through the skylight.

Once you have smashed the skylight, pick up the rope and throw it back towards the outside of the building. Do not throw the rope onto the roof, as Abby will not be able to climb up it.

Instead, it will most likely fall back down.

A screenshot of Abby preparing to throw the rope.

In the screenshot above, you can see that Abby is aiming the rope to the left of the windows that she climbed in through.

The goal here is to get the cable to fall on the outside of the aquarium so that Abby can scale the wall.

Go back outside and climb up the rope.

After you have thrown the rope outside, exit the room via the windows that you climbed in through. Once you are outside, you should be able to find the end hanging down the side of the wall.

As soon as you find it, Abby will say “The sh*t I do for you…” and you will be prompted to climb up onto the roof:

Abby climbing up onto the roof of the aquarium.

Abby climbing up onto the roof of the aquarium during her search for Owen.

And that’s it. Once you are on the roof, you will find another skylight that leads into the inside of the aquarium.

Hopefully, this guide saved you some time!