Pokemon Go Memes

A collection of some of the funnies Pokemon Go memes / jokes that I’ve come across in the past week or so.


A Pokemon Go players crashes a funeral so that he can catch the elusive Mewtwo:

Pokemon Go Meme

Why should we buy this house?

A Real Estate agent seals the deal by telling his potential buyers that there are Pokestops and a Pokemon gym in the house:

Pokemon Go Funny

Describe the guy you’re looking for.

A woman describes Pikachu to a policeman:



“Back in my day, we didn’t need a smartphone game to run into traffic.”

Pokemon Go Traffic

Do you exercise?

A doctor presumes┬áthat a Pokemon Go player is “fit as f*ck”:

Pokemon Go Fit


When you find out she plays Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go Meme

Crime Scene.

“But there’s a Pikachu in there.”

Crime Scene

Do you know how fast you were going?

“No officer, I was trying to catch a Charrizard.”

Cop Pokemon Go Meme


How the times have changed:


When you see somebody else playing Pokemon Go.

Will Smith - Michael Jackson

Starter pack.

Starter Pack

Your mother and I are worried.

“Those drugs aren’t mine.”


When you pass someone looking at their cell phone.

I think that every Pokemon Go player is secretly doing this at the moment:

Pokemon Go Memes

Stay out of my territory.

When someone controls a gym right by your house and you take it back:

Stay out of my territory.

Area 51.

Where the f*ck is Mewtwo?

Where is Mewtwo?

This article was posted in Gaming on July 11, 2016.