Resident Evil 2: Signal Modulator Puzzle.

This is a guide on how to solve the Signal Modulator puzzles in the remake version of Resident Evil 2. These puzzles appear once you have reached Umbrella’s secret laboratory.

While you are exploring Umbrella’s laboratory, you will come across two disabled circuit breakers. To enable these circuit breakers and return power to the area in question, you will need to use the Signal Modulator.

The first one that you will come across is located in the Lounge of East Area B2.

Electronic Panel - Resident Evil 2

One of the circuit breakers in Resident Evil 2.

Above, you can see a screenshot of one of these circuit breakers. Take note of the letters MUF on the panel beside the red light. These letters are important, as the Signal Modulator must be configured to match them.

Equip the Signal Modulator in your inventory and use the Examine option:

Signal Modulator

The Signal Modulator.

At the top of the device, there are five different character combinations that you can choose from. These are as follows:

  • OSS
  • MUF
  • AWS
  • URF
  • MURF

On both sides of the modulator, there are two dials, which can be turned to change the shape of the signals in the center panels.

Firstly, you will need to select the letter combination of the circuit breaker. i.e. If the circuit breaker reads MURF, then you must select MURF on the modulator. If it reads OSS, then you must select OSS.

And so on.

Once you have selected the correct character code, you must move the two dials on either side of the modulator until both of the wave lengths / frequencies match one another.

In other words: Play around with the two dials until they match.

After you have selected the correct character code and matched the two frequencies, you can add the modulator to the empty slot in the circuit breaker. If you are incorrect, the panel on the modulator will turn red and read “Error”. However, if you get it right, then the circuit breaker will turn green and the electricity will return:

MUF - Resident Evil 2

The light will turn green if you are correct.

Hopefully, this guide helped you out!