“I can’t have this conversation again.”

At the start of the The Sopranos episode Commendatori (S02 E04), Tony and his crew are attempting to watch “The Godfather Part II” in the back office of the Bada Bing strip club.

When Tony complains that he doesn’t want to watch the same movie again, Sil assures him that it’s the “advanced bootleg” DVD version.

As Christopher is struggling to try and get the DVD to work, the crew begin to talk among themselves.

At one point, Paulie Gualtieri decides to ask Tony what his favorite Godfather scene is.

In response, a clearly-irritated Tony waves his hands and says “I can’t have this conversation again.” He then gets up off his chair, grabs his jacket and leaves.

I can't have this conversation again.

“I can’t have this conversation again.” – Tony Soprano.

Tony’s frustrated response suggests that this is a question Paulie has asked him multiple times.

Which is unsurprising, considering Paulie has a habit of repeating himself.

What does it mean when someone uses this quote online?

People like to use this quote whenever they see someone asking a common question about The Sopranos.

For example, if a user starts a discussion about Tony’s death, then you can bet your bottom dollar that at least one user will reply with it.

Long-time fans of the show have discussed certain topics to death. As a result, they are sick of seeing the exact same questions being asked by “newcomers”.

If someone replies to you with this quote, then try not to be too concerned about it.

The online discussion groups for this TV show are somewhat bizarre.

Many of the gatekeepers who complain about the prevalence of certain topics have no problem posting the exact same quotes over and over again.

Basically, it is better to just ignore them.

There is no point in arguing with someone who has been following a Facebook group or forum about a certain topic for so long that they feel irritated by newcomers who actually want to discuss it.

This article was posted in The Sopranos on November 17, 2021.