Fake tweet: The Taliban did not allow an Irish pub to stay open

Recently, a screenshot of a fake tweet by “Greg Kimball” started doing the rounds on social media.

In the tweet, the supposed CNN reporter says that the Taliban is allowing “Fitzy’s Irish bar” to remain open in recognition of Ireland’s struggle against “Anglo Imperials”.

Fitzy's Irish bar

@GKimballCNN on August 20, 2021. “KABUL: Taliban allow ‘Fitzy’s Irish Bar’ to stay open, albeit serving non-alcoholic drinks, as recognition for Irish struggle against ‘Anglo-Imperials'”

Unfortunately, the tweet in question is fake.

Firstly, the Twitter account GKimballCNN has never existed. This means that someone created the screenshot using Photoshop or a fake tweet generator.

Secondly, Fitzy’s Irish Bar does not exist.

Although an Irish pub previously existed in Kabul, it was not called Fitzy’s Irish Bar. Instead, it was called the Irish Pub of Kabul or the Irish Club.

The owners closed the bar down in April 2003 after they received warnings from American security services that it might become the target of a terrorist attack.

A few months later, they started a new venture called The Kelt’s Irish Bar at the Mustafa Hotel. However, since 2004, there have been no news or updates about it.

Internet archives indicate that the owners either sold the business or converted it into a restaurant.

Last but not least, there are no CNN reporters with the name Greg Kimball. In this case, it is likely that the profile picture is a stock photo of a random TV reporter.

A number of people are falling for it.

Although the creator probably created the fake screenshot as a harmless joke, a number of Internet users have been accepting the story as truth.

For example, on Reddit’s /r/ireland subreddit, the screenshot received over 1,000 upvotes. The submission also spawned a number of jokes and tongue-in-cheek comments about how the Taliban are “a sound bunch of lads.”

The idea of a group of Irish guys sipping mocktails in Kabul while heavily-armed Taliban soldiers patrol the streets outside is pretty amusing.

Sadly, it has no basis in reality.

This article was posted in Ireland on November 16, 2021.