What do the 💳💥 emojis mean on TikTok?

If someone posts the credit card and bang emojis (💳💥) on TikTok, then it means that they have seen something that they want to buy for themselves.

These emojis represent the act of banging your credit card on a table and demanding to buy something. Essentially, it is a way of expressing your enthusiasm for an item.

It is the TikTok equivalent of shouting “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”

More often than not, people will combine the emojis to look like this.


In this case, the multiple bang emojis represent the sound of someone excitedly slamming their credit card on a table.

Take the following example.

tiktok bang and credit card emoji meaning

An example of these emojis in use.

In this case, a TikTok user uploaded a video of some fancy looking bread.

As a result, the comments section was full of people demanding to know where he got it.

When did this “credit card bang” trend start?

This trend rose in popularity throughout April of 2021.

Its origins go back to a TikTok user called trevorjohnstoo. Trevor’s “routine” was to duet videos of certain items that he liked.

He would then say, “Damn, what is that bro?” before repeatedly banging his fist on a table while holding his credit card.

Soon after, other TikTok users began to copy his sound and create parody videos.

A lot of these parodies were satirical observations about other people’s buying habits.

For example, in one video, the caption was “girls when they see their boyfriend’s hoodie”.

The “joke” here is that girls will often steal their boyfriend’s hoodies because of how big and comfortable they are.

As the trend became more and more widespread, TikTok users began to emulate this “credit card bang” in the comments section by using emojis.

As a result, the 💳💥 combination was born.

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