Can you see who shared your TikTok video?

No, you will not be able to see who shared your TikTok videos. This is because the app does not make this kind of information available to creators.

Although TikTok creators can see how many times people have shared their videos, they cannot see which users did so.

All of that information is completely private.

Although the app has an Analytics section, it does not show you who shared your TikTok video.

In the Analytics section, the app displays the share count as one number. It does not provide any further details.

In other words, there is no list of usernames or anything like that. There is no “breakdown” of the data.

You can only see one aggregated number.

does tiktok show who shared your video

A screenshot from the Analytics section. As you can see, the app only displays numbers. It does not provide any personal details.

Take the following example.

Sara uploads a new video to TikTok. Shortly afterwards, Brenda and Joe view it and decide to share it. The video now has two shares. If Sara goes into the Analytics section on the app, she will see that her video has two shares. However, the app will not tell her that Brenda and Joe were the users who did it.

All of this is by design.

Most Internet users expect their usage of this feature to be a private matter.

Listing their names might create privacy concerns. It would also negatively impact the platform by discouraging people from using the feature.

Does the app notify you if someone shares your TikTok video?

No, they will not receive a notification if you share their TikTok video. The app will only notify them if you like or comment on their video.

Comments and likes are public actions. On the other hand, views and shares are completely private.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about them finding out.

This article was posted in TikTok on January 24, 2022.