Slang: What does “this slaps” mean?

In this guide, we are going to explain what the slang word “slaps” means.

On social media apps such as TikTok and Twitter, you might come across comments such as:

  • “This song slaps!”
  • “Why does this song slap so hard?”
  • “This recipe slaps!”
  • “That slaps!”

Basically, when someone says that something “slaps”, it means that they think it is very good.

In a lot of cases, this slang phrase is used to describe music that feels good “when it hits”. Hence the usage of the word slap. Because a slap is something that hits you.

For example:

“ngl, this beat slaps”

In plain English, this means: “I’m not going to lie. This beat is extremely good.”

However, it isn’t uncommon to see the word being used to describe food, TV shows and movies as well. Although the word was originally used to describe music, it has since evolved to apply to practically anything that can be labelled as “good”.

“Why does this slap so hard?”

When someone questions why something “slaps so hard”, it typically means that they did not expect it to be so good.

For example, it could be a remix, mashup, joke or parody song. Or it could be a weird recipe that turns out to be delicious.

Recently, a Fortnite parody of the song “American Boy” went viral on TikTok.

Although most people did not expect themselves to like a parody song about Fortnite, many users on TikTok and Youtube admitted that they found it extremely catchy.

slaps slang

A comment on the video “Chug Jug With You” by Youtube user Leviathan.

On TikTok, many users responded to this song with comments such as “why does this slap so much?”

In other words, they did not expect to like it so much.

Many people do not like Fortnite or the “culture” that surrounds it. They see it as an overhyped game that panders to screeching children who do “cringey” dances in public.

However, despite this dislike, they still thought that the song in question “slaps”.

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