What does the skull emoji mean? 💀

On social media, the skull emoji is typically used whenever someone thinks that something is extremely funny.

This is because the skull emoji acts as a substitution for the slang phrase “I’m dead!”

What does “I’m dead” mean?

The phrase “I’m dead!”, or simply “dead”, is slang for “I died laughing.” In other words, “this was so funny that I died laughing.”

In a way, this means that the skull emoji is kind of like “lol” on steroids.

For example:

The way he fell over! 💀

In this case, the person is laughing at how someone fell over. i.e. They found it extremely funny.

Take a look at these real examples, which I found on TikTok.

skull emoji meaning

It is not uncommon for people to use multiple skull emojis.

In this case, froz3n_beast finds it extremely funny that a girl received so much public backlash for something she did that she ended up deleting her TikTok account.

skull emoji

This example is a little more straight-forward, as the comment is also accompanied by laughing emojis and the phrase “I can’t breathe”. In case you didn’t already know, the slang phrase “I can’t breathe” is another popular way of indicating laughter.

In plain English, it means: “I am laughing so much that I can’t breathe.”

💀 is the new “lol”.

Above, we said that the skull emoji is kind of like “lol” on steroids.

Well, that’s how it originally began.

However, as time went on, it became more and more popular, to the point that people began to overuse it for everything. These days, many people will use it for anything that they find funny.

Even if it’s only slightly funny.

In other words, the skull emoji has basically become the new “lol” or “lmao”.

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