Can you see who viewed your Instagram?

Recently, I have come across apps advertising their ability to show you who viewed your Instagram page. On TikTok in particular, there seems to be a number of apps advertising this “feature”. However, these apps are blatantly lying. Their only goal here is to trick users into downloading their app so that they can make money.

Can you see who looked at your Instagram profile?

No, you cannot see who looked at your Instagram profile. Such a feature would likely create a negative experience for users. Large social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram care about keeping users on their platform. This is so that they can make more money from advertising.

A feature that allows users to see who snooped on their Instagram page would cause embarrassment. It would lead to awkward conversations and people deleting their accounts in shame.

As a result, users may be less likely to use the platform. They would also purposely avoid looking at other Instagram accounts.

Everyone likes the thought of being able to see who checked out their profile. We are naturally curious creatures. However, none of us like the thought of someone being able to see when we viewed their profile.

To sum it up, such a feature would probably cause a significant drop in usage. This, in turn, would lead to less advertising revenue.

Can these apps show you who viewed your Insta profile?

No, they cannot. Any app that “connects” with Instagram has to use the Instagram API. This API, which allows developers to access certain data points, has no such feature.

The API is strict and it only allows access to basic features. There is nothing in the API that allows external apps to access this kind of information.

Therefore, if an app advertises such a feature, you can be 100% sure that they are lying.

Why are they lying?

Simply put, they want you to download their app and view advertisements. Furthermore, they are also hoping that you will pay to unlock “special” features. It’s all about monetizing people’s curiosity and making a quick buck.

If you check out the reviews for some of these apps, you will find dozens of bad reviews about how the app doesn’t work or is misleading.

Who Viewed My Profile Instagram.

Once such example is an Android app called “Who Viewed My Profile Instagram”. In it’s app description, it states the following:

If you are wondering who looked at my Instagram Profile, this app is for you.

However, if you look at the reviews, you can see that this description is misleading.

viewed instagram profile

A negative review of the Android app “Who Viewed My Profile Instagram”.

As you can see, this person was fooled into paying for a subscription, only to find out that the app doesn’t actually let you see who viewed your page.

In conclusion, you should avoid websites and apps like this. If they’re willing to mislead you, then it’s probably because they want to profit off your curiosity.

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